Cruises From Rosyth? Yes, You Can!

Quite often cruise ships dock at Leith, Edinburgh which is a lovely place in itself and that’s before you’ve ventured further into our fine capital city. However, there is another port on the east coast of Scotland that is worth considering, especially if you’re looking to cruise directly from Scotland and that’s Rosyth.

It may not be the prettiest of ports, functional rather than an actual destination. Rosyth lacks the facilities and, let’s be honest, it’s the port of call ugly sister. The third Forth bridge construction nearby has meant it’s been more of a storage amenity and tourist needs have been somewhat neglected. But that’s unfair. Scotland needs more ports, more connections with Europe. A few years ago we had a regular ferry to Zeebrugge and although it was supposedly cancelled due to lack of interest, we could never get booked on it as it was always full. Hmmn. And look at the views we had as we sailed under the bridges (only two at that point!)

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines have decided to invest in Rosyth and, from next year, their ship Balmoral will be departing from there. You can sail from Rosyth now and there’s a Summer Sale on (or should that be Summer Sail! Boom boom!) Contact me to book –

FredOlsen 237 Sale

And for next year, get ahead and book your onboard adventure! Tomorrow, I’ll write about my ship visit on Fred. Olsen’s Braemar to give you a taste of what to expect –

Fred. Olsen 2018 Sail 247