Crystal Cruises One Week Sale!

Take advantage of this great offer and experience the ultimate in luxury cruise with Crystal Cruises on Crystal Serenity.

Last week I enjoyed a visit on her sister ship Crystal Symphony as she was docked in Rosyth and from beginning to end it was an opulent yet surprisingly comfortable experience. I can see why people chose to invest in a Crystal experience time and time again. I have been on a few ship visits now and, over the coming month, I will be uploading my own thoughts on each one, which kind of client they would suit. And I would very much like to be the kind of client who would suit a Crystal Cruises ship myself! (I’ve added a sneaky peak of some of my photos at the end of this post).

Whenever you are looking at value, look at what is included in the price, what you are getting for your money. That bargain might not be so once you’ve added everything on and that expensive holiday may sudden seem to be a very good choice indeed!

Don’t miss out, you know what to do – contact me to enquire further and book now!

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Cruise Fantastic

Since returning to the travel industry a few months ago I have to admit to going from rather chilly towards cruises to actually considering one for myself. And if you knew how I felt towards boats (ship, dingy and everything in-between!) then you’d know what a huge step that is!

Despite recent bad press, the cruise industry is taking steps towards sustainability. Very important for a worldwide tourism draw. I do like the idea of visiting a few different ports and there are ships to suit different requirements. So if you want to go with your family and have fun and action or you want a quiet, elegant experience then there is a cruise to suit.

I’ll highlight different kinds of cruises, if there is anything in particular you’d like to see then let me know and I’ll feature it, concentrating on aspects you’d like to know about and, of course, I’ll book that ideal cruise for you!

Royal Caribbean, despite the name, sail the Mediterranean too! And leaving from Southhampton they have cruises to suit all budgets. Check these deals out – prices correct as of 31st July 2017.

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